Storm Damage Photo Gallery

carpeted hallway in building with wet floor sign

Rain Causes Flooding Inside Building

Heavy wind and rain often cause rain water to enter homes and buildings during storms. That was the case for this Wilson, NC office building. Rain water got in through the cracks with a little extra help from the wind. After just a few days of running our drying equipment, this building was back to normal operations.

tree fallen on side of building

Storm Damage Clean Up

Eastern North Carolina experiences plenty of rain, wind, and flooding from storms or hurricanes. This church in Wilson had a large tree branch snap during a storm and fall onto the building, causing rain water to leak inside. The water damage in this church had mainly affected the ceiling tiles and carpet inside, requiring drying and repairs to be made.

Storms or hurricanes can be dangerous and when it affects your home or business, it can be overwhelming trying to think how to get everything back to normal. SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville treats emergency services seriously, and treats customers with compassion and understanding.

tarp covered with rain water on ground outside building

Flood Water Enters Building

Heavy rain causes the low lying areas in Wilson, NC to have rising flood water. A local business unfortunately had flood water enter the building through the area around the front door and affect the flooring inside. 

blue tarp covering portion of a roof

Quick to Action

Heavy wind and rain resulted in a leaking roof for this Wilson home owner. Wind and rain had blown in between loose shingles on the roof and leaked into the ceiling below. After we received the call about the leaking roof, we had two technicians on the roof with a tarp as a temporary fix within an hour. Tarping the customers roof prevents additional rain leaking inside and causing further damage. It is important to know that a tarp is a temporary fix; you must contact a qualified roofer for a solid fix. Having rain leak into your home during a storm can cause a lot of stress, but SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville technicians act quick to solve the problem and ease your worry.