Recent Before & After Photos

Making Your Home Look Brand New

This family’s modular home in Lucama suffered a fire that spread throughout the home. The fire originated in one of the children’s bedrooms and quic... READ MORE

Water Leak in Commercial Building

There is never a convenient time for flooding or water damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So... READ MORE

Leaking Roof Damaged Kitchen

Heavy rain had caused this Wilson home owner's roof to leak into the kitchen below. This home in particular had a flat roof, which tends to collect water more e... READ MORE

Containment Aids the Drying Process

This high school had an air conditioning unit above their large gym. With as hot as North Carolina summers can get, the AC unit had overworked and began to leak... READ MORE

Wet Hardwood Floors

One feature that many home owners love is hardwood floors. It looks beautiful and is a common sought after feature. If a water damage occurs in your home with h... READ MORE

Warehouse Clean Up

At a warehouse in Wilson, the fire sprinkler on the ceiling was bumped by a forklift, causing the sprinkler to go off and fill the warehouse with water. There w... READ MORE

Leaking Roof Causes Wet Ceiling

Eastern North Carolina experiences frequent rain and storm damage. If your roof is not properly maintained, it can be prone to leaks during times of rain and wi... READ MORE

Emergency Board Up Services

After a car had crashed into this commercial building, a large opening left the inside exposed. The owner of the business needed to cover the opening while wait... READ MORE

Fungus Among Us

This home in Nashville, NC had high humidity levels in the home, which caused mold to grow. After performing our mold mitigation services, a fresh coat of paint... READ MORE

Stantonsburg Church Fire

In the early summer, a fire started in the Pastor's office of a community church. The damage was the most intense in the office, and had burnt large holes throu... READ MORE