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technician wearing black gloves wiping down side of office cubicle with a cleaning cloth

Proactive Cleaning for Your Office Space

Our technicians have been called on to perform a proactive cleaning and sanitizing of a business in Wilson, NC. They made sure to clean all frequently touched items and areas of traffic - this helps prevent the spread of germs! We can help minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning. At SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville, we are trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitizing standards, making us the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration. Call 252-291-4492 to see how we can help clean your home or business.

carpeted hallway in building with wet floor sign

Rain Causes Flooding Inside Building

Heavy wind and rain often cause rain water to enter homes and buildings during storms. That was the case for this Wilson, NC office building. Rain water got in through the cracks with a little extra help from the wind. After just a few days of running our drying equipment, this building was back to normal operations.

drying equipment set up in crawlspace

Water Leaks to Crawlspace Below

A water damage occurred in the kitchen at this home in Rocky Mount. Water had completely saturated the floor and soaked down to the crawlspace below. It is important to act fast when a leak occurs in your home to minimize the spread of damage.

oven with burnt inside

Smoke Odor Removal

This Wilson home owner was preparing for Thanksgiving by cleaning out her oven. A slight mistake was made while using the self-cleaning option, and her house was soon filled with smoke. One unique service that SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville offers, is odor removal. The smell of smoke was strong, but within a few short days of using an ozone machine, the house was back to normal and ready to host a holiday party.

kitchen area showing removed flooring, cabinets, and appliances, wet subfloor, some mold on wall

Act Quick If Water Damages Your Home

This home in Stantonsburg experienced a water damage from a leaking pipe underneath the kitchen sink. The water had saturated the kitchen floor and the crawlspace beneath. In any water damage event, the goal is to dry out the wet materials as soon as possible in order to prevent them from having to be replaced. At this specific job, water was left to sit for an extended period of time, making the floor unable to be dried completely. The floor covering, sub floor, and other wet materials had to be tore out and replaced. In addition to that, mold had began to grow on the wet drywall around the leaking pipe. The effects from a water damage happen quick and need immediate action to avoid worse damage and costly repairs.

hallway ceiling showing smoke damage/soot

Smoke Damage Travels

This home in Wilson had a small kitchen fire originating on the stove. The fire had burned the stove top and cabinets, but there was smoke and soot damage throughout the house. Even though the fire was contained to the kitchen, smoke traveled through the entire house, requiring a thorough cleaning. Pictured above is the hallway ceiling with visible smoke damage. This hallway is in the opposite corner from where the fire started, but as you can see, was still affected. 

screenshot of page of Dry Book, showing readings from a water damage

DryBook Backs the Drying Process

SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville is equipped with advanced technologies to give our customers the best results. One tool we use on every single water damage we work on, is called DryBook. It is an application from SERVPRO Headquarters that our technicians use on their iPads. Using DryBook, they can take pictures of the rooms that were affected by a particular water damage event. There is a space that records which exact fan, dehumidifier, or other drying equipment was used, and for how long it was used. It also has daily moisture readings which can prove when each specific area dried out to an acceptable level. DryBook keeps record of the drying process with as much detail as possible.

SERVPRO fans and a dehumidifier set up in office space with wet carpet

Minimal Down Time for Your Business

This Wilson area bank experienced a water leak in the office area causing much of the carpet to get wet. When surfaces like floors, walls, and ceilings are wet, we use air movers (fans) and dehumidifiers to quickly dry them out before mold begins to grow. Getting your business back to working order is important, and you want it done as soon as possible. SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville works hard to minimize down time.

screenshot of web page showing customer testimonials for SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville

Choose a Provider You Can Trust

In the unfortunate instance you would need emergency services for fire, water, or storm damage, you would want a provider that is skilled and knowledgeable as well as understanding in a time where you can be stressed and upset. For cleaning or reconstruction services, you want a provider that you can trust in your home or business, and can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville is all of that and more. Our office workers and technicians treat every customer with respect and keep them updated on the status of their job. The technicians in your home or business are knowledgeable and certified, and recognize how stressful some situations can be. But don't take our word for it; just look at our 5 star Google, Facebook, and Yelp ratings. You can also scroll through our Testimonial page and read the nice comments our customers have left. 

tree fallen on side of building

Storm Damage Clean Up

Eastern North Carolina experiences plenty of rain, wind, and flooding from storms or hurricanes. This church in Wilson had a large tree branch snap during a storm and fall onto the building, causing rain water to leak inside. The water damage in this church had mainly affected the ceiling tiles and carpet inside, requiring drying and repairs to be made.

Storms or hurricanes can be dangerous and when it affects your home or business, it can be overwhelming trying to think how to get everything back to normal. SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville treats emergency services seriously, and treats customers with compassion and understanding.

tarp covered with rain water on ground outside building

Flood Water Enters Building

Heavy rain causes the low lying areas in Wilson, NC to have rising flood water. A local business unfortunately had flood water enter the building through the area around the front door and affect the flooring inside. 

mold on wall in hallway

Mold From A Fire Damage

A surprisingly common effect from a fire damage is mold growth. It may sound odd but it is simply due to the firefighters using water to extinguish the flames. The water douses the fire and in doing so, saturates the materials inside a building. When the water is left to sit, mold begins to grow. Whether you experience a large or small fire damage, you should inspect your belongings for possible mold growth.

Technician at a customers home monitoring the drying equipment

Daily Job-Site & Equipment Inspections

Brian Reneau, Production Manager of SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville, has a variety of different responsibilities.  As depicted, he is performing an Equipment & Job Site Inspection at a Commercial Water Loss in Wilson, NC.  At this particular Water Damage, a Hot Water Heater pipe has burst spraying the inside of a closet and migrating through the floor of half a dozen rooms.  Once his Inspections are complete, he must communicate with the Franchise Owner, Customer, Client, Crew and Sub-Contractors about what should be done to proceed.  Not every job is a simple, "cut and dry" operation.  Brian, especially with his many years of experience, has faced many adversities in the field.  Thanks to his incredible knowledge and patience, he can handle any situation with ease.

stove top with a burnt burner, burnt cabinets above stove

Grease Fire in Middlesex, NC

This home in Middlesex suffered a grease fire in the kitchen, which happens to be the most common cause of fire damage that we receive. If a grease fire happens in your kitchen, remember to NEVER use water to extinguish the fire. Instead, carefully cover the pot with a lid or baking sheet. 

large carpeted area with carpet cleaner, dark carpet showing the before, lighter carpet showing the after

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Did you know carpet cleanings are not only performed in homes, but businesses too? Carpet cleanings are often performed on a routine basis in homes to keep carpets looking brand new, but businesses and commercial buildings also use carpet cleanings to keep their areas looking professional and tidy.

A clean carpet can attract more customers by showing that you take care of your business. SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville has experienced technicians that can quickly turn the condition of your carpets around. We understand that businesses work best with minimal interruptions which is why we can clean your carpet after normal business hours no hassle.

To schedule a carpet cleaning for your business call us at 252-291-4492

blue tarp covering portion of a roof

Quick to Action

Heavy wind and rain resulted in a leaking roof for this Wilson home owner. Wind and rain had blown in between loose shingles on the roof and leaked into the ceiling below. After we received the call about the leaking roof, we had two technicians on the roof with a tarp as a temporary fix within an hour. Tarping the customers roof prevents additional rain leaking inside and causing further damage. It is important to know that a tarp is a temporary fix; you must contact a qualified roofer for a solid fix. Having rain leak into your home during a storm can cause a lot of stress, but SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville technicians act quick to solve the problem and ease your worry.

Collage of Servpro equipment including fans and dehumidifiers

Our Drying Process

With every water damage, our technicians first priority is to find and extract as much water from the affected areas as possible. The second step requires non-salvageable materials to be discarded and documented per insurance and SERVPRO's standard requirements. Our last step incorporates the use of our air movers and dehumidifiers in conjunction with electronic documentation. Once in place, these pieces of equipment are used to dry the remaining salvageable materials by evaporating the water out of the materials and into the air. The dehumidifiers then pull the moisture from the air to condense and expel through the drain tube. We have over 100 pieces of equipment currently in stock and continue to acquire more! The drying process is the most important step for SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville to make your disaster "Like it never even happened.®"  

Wall in the office showing certifications in frames

IICRC Certified Firm

We take great pride in our Technicians being the best that they can be, that is why we take the extra step to get our employees IICRC certified for Water Damage Restoration in addition to SERVPRO's Standard Employee Certification Training Program. We display all of our Employee's and Owner's achievements on the wall in our office.

Technician wearing personal protective gear grabbing equipment from the back of a SERVPRO van

Safety Is Our Number One Priority!

Our technicians face a number of different hazards on job sites everyday.  Water Damage, Fire Damage, Bio-hazard, Mold, and Sewage all present their own unique problems.  This is why we take safety very seriously.  All of our technicians are assigned their own Personal Protective Equipment, are well rehearsed with our Hazard Communication Protocol, and store Material Safety Data Sheets on their vans.

Ceiling of a bathroom that has visible mold

Don't let the dust (or mold) settle in your vacant properties

In the Real Estate profession, one oversees and secures someone else's asset while they are trying to sell it.  It is hard enough finding a buyer with financial stability and the appropriate credit qualifications, but now throw a broken water pipe on the third floor or graffiti on the garage door.  What do you do if you walk into a home for scheduled showing with a potential buyer and find puddles of water on the floor, growths on the walls or worse?

SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville Management and Technicians are trained and certified to handle damages of all kinds.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Call our Office so we can arrange or schedule an on-site assessment of your situation.  Do not risk your reputation, hire your local Mitigation and Restoration Specialists, we can make it "Like it never even happened".®

SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville


Technician on a lift in a warehouse that needed cleaning

Commercial & Residential Cleaning

All hands were on deck for this commercial cleaning job. Here you will find a couple of our certified technicians performing a thorough cleaning in a commercial warehouse in Wilson. SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville has a wide variety of services for our commercial clients, no job is too big or too small.