Fire Damage Photo Gallery

oven with burnt inside

Smoke Odor Removal

This Wilson home owner was preparing for Thanksgiving by cleaning out her oven. A slight mistake was made while using the self-cleaning option, and her house was soon filled with smoke. One unique service that SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville offers, is odor removal. The smell of smoke was strong, but within a few short days of using an ozone machine, the house was back to normal and ready to host a holiday party.

hallway ceiling showing smoke damage/soot

Smoke Damage Travels

This home in Wilson had a small kitchen fire originating on the stove. The fire had burned the stove top and cabinets, but there was smoke and soot damage throughout the house. Even though the fire was contained to the kitchen, smoke traveled through the entire house, requiring a thorough cleaning. Pictured above is the hallway ceiling with visible smoke damage. This hallway is in the opposite corner from where the fire started, but as you can see, was still affected. 

mold on wall in hallway

Mold From A Fire Damage

A surprisingly common effect from a fire damage is mold growth. It may sound odd but it is simply due to the firefighters using water to extinguish the flames. The water douses the fire and in doing so, saturates the materials inside a building. When the water is left to sit, mold begins to grow. Whether you experience a large or small fire damage, you should inspect your belongings for possible mold growth.

stove top with a burnt burner, burnt cabinets above stove

Grease Fire in Middlesex, NC

This home in Middlesex suffered a grease fire in the kitchen, which happens to be the most common cause of fire damage that we receive. If a grease fire happens in your kitchen, remember to NEVER use water to extinguish the fire. Instead, carefully cover the pot with a lid or baking sheet.